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Arrow How to Install OSCam and dvbapi on Dreambox / VU+

This is a complete minimal-configuration of oscam running on a Dreambox .

Oscam is reading the card from internal reader. Oscam is also decrypting the channels using the built-in softcam "dvbapi".
Oscam even updates the card using these settings. (Supported cards "EMM: OK" here). No other softcam necessary!
All you've got to do is CHANGE THE CAID (cardID) AND IDENT (Providers) in the reader (in oscam.server) to match your card.

This is a basic configuration which runs out of the box.

first is the global configuration. All listeners ("server processes") are here could be newcamd- cccam- camd3x- web-server or dvbapi, the "built-in softcam" of oscam


HTML Code:
Nice = -10
WaitForCards = 1
PreferLocalCards = 1
saveinithistory = 1

port = 988
monlevel = 4
nocrypt =

httpport = 10001
httprefresh = 5
httpallowed =,

enabled =1
boxtype = dreambox
user = localuser
au = 1
next is the reader configuration. where oscam finds it's cards. could be real card-readers, or remote servers on any protocol .

HTML Code:
label = myreadername
enable = 1
protocol = internal
device = /dev/sci0
detect = cd
caid = 0123 <---put your caid here
ident = 0123:123456,234567 <---put your caid:ident,ident,... here
group = 1
emmcache = 1,3,2
and finally the user configuration. users who are allowed to connect to this oscam. Like our local dvbapi-user, or remote users for any protocol.

HTML Code:
user = localuser
group = 1
au = myreadername
Many Many Many other functions can be added to this configuration to enhance or add features.

If you'd like to share your card, you have to add server-processes in oscam.conf,
like a newcamd-protocol-server or cccam-protocol-server or other protocol server.
Doing so, different remote cardservers or softcams like oscam, cccam, newcs, etc... are allowed to connect using the corresponding protocols.
Then add accounts in oscam.user so that our oscam accepts connections from these remotes.

If you want to connect to remote cardservers, you have to add readers in oscam.server,
like newcamd-protocol connections or cccam-protocol connections or other protocol connections.
Doing so, your oscam reads cards from remote cardservers or softcams like oscam, cccam, newcs, etc... using the corresponding protocols.

For more information it's strongly recommended to read the documentation which came with oscam
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